Trans Avant Guard Public Art Installations,

Free Standing Monuments,

and Clay Gods

claygods™ is an imprint of Michellino Ceramics, which began as an aegis to network public agencies, when I installed my M.F.A. thesis (Trimorphous Didaktikus, 2001) on public walls.  Then wedded with the public, I resurfaced the walls of a harbor village creating 29 architectural installations. I also developed artwork for a myriad of patrons upon request.

The Ventura Harbor Fishermen’s Memorial (2005) is the last project by Michellino Ceramics, a culmination of eight years in a single artist residency.  The pheonix collapsed into the flame.

claygods™ removes national borders to appropriate symbols of different times and spaces. A trans-cultured trans avant-guard, I am drawn to pre-axial nature.  I create through natural trajectories in outside viral contexts. Mystified and disciplined I wander through the “desert” in search of the “pure” self. Undiluted, untethered, and spun endlessly by multi-cultural dynamism.

claygods™ draws upon three years of travel beginning with an apprenticeship in the old kiln rooms of Jing De Zhen, China and ending lastly in India and Nepal.  It has been exciting and the symbols I have meditated upon are now re-birthing via my fingertips, populating my studio, and gestating in my kiln.

I dub myself a nomadist.  My work is the perpetual ugly duckling—it is always the other, regardless of style, medium or idea.  Forgive me.