Three Artworks for the Anacortes Art festival

My three favorite  Mantua are off to the http://anacortesartsfestival.com/

I am so happy because the show was juried by a man who said this:

My personal criteria for making informed decisions can be summed up in the following thoughts. The strongest objects pursue an original idea while interpreting older traditions and/or techniques in a fresh way. The strongest artists recognize their material’s appropriateness for use in the object’s creation while simultaneously provide evidence of their masterful handling of those materials and techniques, not as ends in themselves, but rather in the service of their unique vision.
In addition, I embrace those works that embody strong and vital connections between the maker’s concept and the final expression of his or her idea.  Finally, my most important criteria is that a work of art carries a sense of feeling and caring on the part of the maker. The objects in this exhibition announce themselves as objects of personal expression; they resound with the artist’s confidence, verve, imagination and inventiveness.”

Yeah! I feel vindicated because it has always been my modus operandi to dance with the Art Cosmos and bring into being a timeless conversation to illucidate human life on earth and like the French president said yesterday, “There is no Planet B!”

Daphne is going to here first show in August at the http://anacortesartsfestival.com/
Mantua de Cur is going to the show in August at http://anacortesartsfestival.com/
Homesis, ceramic Figure. cone 01 mixed media 2017
Homesis, ceramic Figure. cone 01 mixed media 2017