Tattva Mimamsa: An Appearance in the book “Intersection Art & Life, by Kevin Wallace

Beatrice Wood was alive and active at the same time I was living in the Ojia Valley, in Ventura County, California.

This is relevant because it was only until the year of Beatrice’s passing that I was touched by her amazing life when n 1998, I was awarded the first Beatrice Wood award for work in the ceramic arts.

Then in 2016,  I was touched again by Beatrice Wood’s amazing legacy, I was asked to contribute to the book, Intersection Art & Life, which Kevin Wallace was writing at the Beatrice Wood Foundation, where Kevin makes his home and work place, indeed Kevin has overseen the Beatrice Wood Studio and home for many years.

The Intersection Art & Life, in my humble opinion, is a book about the human artistic soul as it is pressed into the tight shoe of conformity and how even then it explodes with enlightened beauty. Art, craft and creativity heave under the heavy weight of the historical process specifically here in the West, and it is at the “Intersection of Art & Life” that this book focuses its keen understanding.

I am gratfeul to Beatrice Wood and to Kevin Wallace for this amazing opportunity.

the book is available at  www.beatricewood.com   for $20.00 directly from Kevin, this will help the Foundation.

Also , the Facebook page.         https://www.facebook.com/Beatrice-Wood-Center-for-the-Arts-50676353049/

Or, Amazon for $21.98

The text as seen in the photograph below. w

Tattva Mimamsa: Pondering Dualism

Tattva Mimamsa: Pondering dualism, is a synthesis of thought and action, abstraction and substantiality, of ideation and materialism, it is a union of art and craft. It is at once an ideational object and a functional vessel hand made from mud and infused with academic study. Use it to elevate your thinking or plant an actual seed in the Buddha’s head, or do both, thereby unifying “Art” and “Craft” in mind and body, in the abstract and in this world so as to “be” in essence and existence simultaneously, (enlightened).




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