Madame Owl

Madame Owl: A Ceramic Sculpture in Progress/Adult Content

Working on “Madame Owl” a clay sculpture with homemade clay and colored clay slips and it is a lot of fun. I took these photographs earlier today and she looks completely different now this afternoon with a skin tone slip covering the raw clay. I am off to connect the arms and create her garments, although not all of her will be covered. Creating art is probably the most glorious thing to participate in. There are no constraints or dictates for me, other than my own shortcomings. The owl has come to symbolize an “Attitude of Wisdom”. A state of seeing from that space between waking and sleeping where the dreamer is cognizant and receives visions and can remember and apply the information seen and also, believe it or not, Madame Owl is a  Mantua  and it will now be my task to dress her appropriately. The black clay disc around her neck is for a black lace ruff to rest on. I use cotton woven lace dipped in colored slip. I will post again on this art work very soon.

 Madame owlMadame owl









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