Insect Beauty


Insect Beauty is a piece I created  for a show at the Cooper lanza Gallery in Fairhaven, WA. in 2015 and it will now be exhibited in Ventura, California on May 19th 2018 at the Art City Studios in a show curated by Sophia Kidd under the name “Bad”. This event will highlight the astigmatism connected to Artists who work in more than one medium. The Art Market wants a “BRAND” and not the chaos of creativity in its natural form where it moves like water always looking for the point of least resistance  while manifesting in many different streams. An example is an artist who is a stone sculptor, a poet, a painter and an actor.  You have to be a Heinz Baked Beans, a static and repetitive Artist in the Art World today. So this art show “Bad” will exhibit several different media artworks from each artist. My three works are,” Insect beauty”, “I Got fairy Balls”, and “Where Ravens’ Feed”. I have to say that the Cooper Lanza Gallery is very open to my varied media, a truly enlightened entity.

Where Ravens’ Feed Acrylic on canvas 4 x 5 feet
I Got Fairy Balls 3 x 4 feet ceramic tile on cement board with wooden frame.
I Got Fairy Balls (2)
Out Door Art
36×24 inches high fire ceramic on cement board in a wooden frame. 2018



Tatooed Lady3
Detail, Insect beauty ceramic sculpture 15 x 7 inches

8 Tatooed Lady4

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