Homesis: The invisible Element

Homesis: The Invisible Element was created as a demonstration for the public as they visited my studio during the “Whatcom Artists Studio Tour” this October 2017.

I had no Idea as to what would appear and am greatly astonished and pleased with the end articulation.

Homesis is made using homemade clay with fiber and paper mixed into the clay body. I basically fill my scrap bucket mix in fiber and paper and fill the bucket with water and then let it slake indefinitely. The one problem I am having is that both the fiber and paper impede the surface no matter how  I try to smooth the surface. I am going to try a skin of porcelain over the skirt of the next bceramic figure.

I have found a wonderful slip recipe for the fabrics. Three ingredients. Secret!

I only use cotton fabric, because it is the least likely to disintegrate after bisque firing.

Using fabric in slip is not a fools game. Trial and much error for sure.

I study the human head and face almost daily; However, when I actually make a ceramic figurative sculpture I use only my imagination and this is why all my faces are unique and unto themselves.


Homesis the Invisible Elementceramic figure: Homesis 2017

Ceramic figure 2017. Homesis

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