I Got fairy Balls

I Got fairy Balls


I Got Fairy Balls (640x190)

I had a horrible time at graduate school because I was under the tutelage of older men who achieved success in the “Conceptual” era. They insisted that I must figure everything out before I started and then follow this to a “T”! I have to say, I did learn many technical things and for this i will always be grateful.

Now I have an invisible barrier between intuition and implementation; However, I am keen to break this barrier. One reason is because I think working will become more vitalized and certainly more interesting. This is one such artwork where I am literally, this is after careful planning, following an intuition instead. The power of the force to create an inner vision is amazing, that is when I just let the flow of imagery happen.

I had the ART drummed out of me at University; However, I am just now after so many hundreds of working hours doing what I was able to do before my Fine Art Education, CREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Got Fairy Balls (2)
Out Door Art
I Got Fairy Balls 36 x 24 inches, high fire ceramic on cement board in a wooden frame. 2018
I Got Fairy Balls

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