Figurative and Tile Work

This is a fun page with an assortment of my work, which, if you are inclined you can research in depth on other pages of

manifestationcenter (750x525)
Maifestation: Trimorphous Didactikus. A Pagan Trinity. 10 feet in diameter. Location, Ventura, CA
P1010038 (500x750)
Daphne, a member of my recent “Mantua” series. 26 x 17 inches. stoneware, nylon, paper, lace, slip, engobe, underglaze, stains and lead crackle. cone 1. 2015


Ceramic Figure: Homesis
30″ X !2″ Ceramic figure, cone 01 mixed media slips, fabrics and glazes
Tattva Mimamsa; Pondering Dualism. 36 X 22 x 7 inches. Stoneware, staines, engobes, underglazes and lead crackle.


Tattooed Owl
Tattooed Owl
Birchbaygetaway Tile Mural: 7 x 8 feet mounted on exterior ply and cement board. Stoneware, slips, underglazes, engobes, and cone 5 glazes. 2015
Harmanutes: 26 x 23 inches. Stoneware, slips engobes, underglazes and lead glaze. 2016
Female Centaur. 17 x 6 inches. Stoneware slips, engobes, underglaze and lead glaze 2016
CRW_8922 (580x750) - Copy
Ventura Harbor Fishermen’s Memorial: In Progress.
Birds of a Feather: Two Owls. 24 x 10 inches. Stoneware engobes and lead glaze. 11/16/16


Flower Pot. Stoneware: Low fire glazes 2015
Insect beauty. 14 by 7 inches stoneware, decals, slips, underglazes and engobes. 2016
Ceramic Tile work
Private collectio. Vamana: 5th incarnation of Rama/Vishnu. 42 inches in diameter. Cone 5 stoneware with engobes and lead glazes.
Ventura Harbor Fishermen’s Memorial: In progress 2004 California
Chinese Demon 1 (364x750)
Tomb God. 36 x 8 inches. Stoneware. Hand built. 2014
Hippo Libido: Stoneware. 36 x 28 Engobes, underglaze, lace and lead over glaze 2014
Close up: Hippo Libido
Salmon Sun. 3 feet in diameter. 2010