Figurative Process: Hermanutus

Here I will show you using “Hermanutus”, the step by step process of making a three dimensional ceramic sculpture.

This is “Hermanutus” or wise one. I used homemade stoneware clay with paper and nylon in it for support. Hermanutus is hollow and measures, 36 X 22inches
20160420_120630 (750x422) - Copy
Starting to form the head on a small armature in the studio, at this point i am just studying a head with little thought of what the end result might be.
I have decided to use an abstract form of the Mantua Skirt, a motif very familiar in my work. I decide to mount the head and now birds are appearing.
20160424_115320 (422x750) - Copy
A hand has appeared and the face has changed completely. Now face is arrogant and looking up.
20160427_144242 (712x750)
Three birds a hairdo and an egg have appeared. I feel that the form is almost arrived.
20160429_132254 (572x750)
yep, here she is. Almost ready to dress with slips, engobes and underglazes.
20160503_094907 (750x739)
Hermanutes ready to be bisque fired. The colors are actually minerals mixed with clay and a few other things.
Finished with a lead crackle at cone 1