New Art 2020/2021

The Wedding Dress 2021

The Wedding Dress. 36x18x6 inches. High fire cone 4. Paper clay, mayco velvet, rice decals, cotten lace and porcelain slip. This is vaguely based on a fantastic wedding dress from the 17th century.

Skinney Dipping: A Case of Mistaken Intent
High fire ceramic to cone 6
20X14 inches
Paper Clay
Lace, Mayco Velvet Underglazes, lead Crackle, volcanic glaze.

A Harpy, An Angel and a Reincarnation. High fire ceramic tile on cement board in a wooden frame. 32x23x3 inches

The Baby Bird. High fire ceramic, nails, draped lace, underglaze and overglaze. 18x14x6.

Worrior Princess with Two Wild Cats. High fire ceramic with draped lace, underglazes and overglaze. 17x15x4 inches.

Jing Xi High fire ceramic with nails, under and overglazes. 15x14x4 inches