Ceramic Bird Archive

Hawk: 20 x 6 inches. Cone 5 stoneware clay
Eagel Nuetral (561x750)
High fire ceramic eagle with salmon. Private collection. Stoneware and cone 10 glazes
Condor_901-493-4 (750x617)
Black Condor: Cone 10 stoneware with glazes. Private collection
Hawk #2: Cone 5 (Outside installation) Stoneware, 32 x 10 inches 2016
Wall Installation. Cone 11 glazes with stoneware clay: Private collection
Two owls: 18 inches stoneware for indoors cone 05 2016
peter52 (498x750)
Blue Jay: 48 x 20 high fire crystal glaze. Private Collection 2001

Michele062 (750x598)

Private sales  3 feet 3 feet.


Private Sale 48 in diameter

Hermanutes: Lady with Three birds
20170603_082155 (422x750)
Three Wyrds
cone 5 plate. 17 inches in diameter. Private Collection

P1010009 (563x750)

Owl in process: 36 x 10 inches, mixed stoneware pigments. 201620160224_125549_001 (750x389)

Detail from a 40 inch plate. Cone 5 pigments and clear glaze.THREE-BABIES-750x560-2.jpg

Tile mural/mosaic. 36 x 22 inches. In private collection20160502_130256-750x364.jpg

Blue bird: 16 x 6 feet. Cone 13. Tile on Stainless steal. In Private Collection