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Shamanic Convergence Series

Shamanic Convergence Series

Shamanic Convergence SeriesThe “Shamanic Convergence” series is an aside to my Mantua Ladies and I started it around Thanksgiving 2015, I have two tiles ready to fire.

Shamanic, because I need to reflect the violence occurring in the world at this time, but refuse to enter into abject imagery. I feel I can address the deep frustrations and insane actions of my sisters and brothers in the human tribe through primitive type depictions of biomorphs in a surreal world interacting between prehistory and the present day.

Convergence, because for the first time, I am deliberately using divergent materials in my work. I have been discreetly using mixed media like, copper nails and lace. Now I will introduce plastics, wood and acrylic surfaces.

Shamanic Convergence is a vehicle to see an inner mechanism that is common to all people, the “Mechanism of Ongoing Survival” and in so doing enable us to see the error of our ways in regard to resorting to destruction as a means to evolve emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually.

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