Birch bay, Figuration

Figuration: The Mantua Ladies

Figuration: The Mantua Ladies

Figuration: The Mantua LadiesFigural ceramic work arose organically and naturally for me, a rupture in my consciousness around which I have healed my mind and soul and continue endlessly in this pursuit regardless of the possible tragedy that may ensue. My America has not always understood this aspect of my work. The natural beauty of my large ceramic tile murals is a world away from this other aspect of my oeuvre. Recently, the last four years I have been investigating the soul and its migration in a woman’s body through a lifetime, I mean, we are is not static, but dynamic. I am an addict of beauty and therefore avoid “The Bad News Neurosis” of the world I find myself in, despite its attention getting factor.

The Mantua Ladies started out as a bottled form with a removable head (Link to image) and then moved from a round form to the large “Mantua” shape, (

I am now introducing more strands into this weave by exploring ceramic methods such as: sgraffito, porcelain veneers, surface overglazes, multiple firings, lusters, ceramic low fire decals, ( ) lace draping, lace imprinting, paper clay, and many other techniques and materials.
Also, I use these Matua Ladies as a means of placing women, from all periods of history and different cultures, into the forefront as a reminder of our place in this world and its history.
I am at this time continuing this series and am looking for “Gallery Representation” or at the least a place in a show, or a solo show.

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