Birch bay, mural

Birch Bay Mural: Completed Novemeber2015


Birch Bay Mural: Completed November 2015

This seven by five foot, high fire clay tile mosaic,   link to archive/process images  was a commissioned art work for the hotel complex  nestled on Birch Bay in Washington State. Location
I am a ceramicist and active environmentalist using the beauty and splendor of nature itself both in the materials I use and the imagery itself. It has always been this way for me and I feel the constant connection with the world of nature and use every opportunity to bring reflection towards the life giving Earth and sky and all the critters therein.

My patron of seven years, David Bernstein, asked me to make a high fire ceramic tile mural for this specific site and I was more than happy to do it. David invites various artist’s writers and eccentrics’ to stay at his hotel in the off season in exchange for their artwork. In this case he paid me generously as I have a home close by. Recently he was blessed with an astrologer who created Sun Charts for his family and friends.

The materials/method I used on this high fire clay mosaic are as follows: WSO stoneware clay from Laguna clay (very plastic), clay inlays using an assortment of Laguna clays, homemade under glazes on the greenware (both earthenware and porcelain), fired to bisque stained with iron oxide, and used high fire glazes and glass frits. Link to archive close up on uninstalled tiles

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