About claygods.com

claygods.com is an imprint of a consciousness in search of truth, or in other words “consciousness in search of its own origin”. The Artist is of course the “true artwork” and the physical manifestations an artifact or fossil of that living search for truth. “

I must caution here that claygods.com is bicameral in nature in that half the work is left brain, the tile work, and the right brain, the sculpture. The fact that clay is used as the main medium is precisely because it can be very easily “IMPRINTED”. The idea can manifest in seconds within the soft pliable material whether for commercial use or Artistic endeavor or indeed a combination thereof.

Since time immemorial human beings the world over have imprinted their marks in the Earth’s clay. Through this we are able to see not only their world but also their internal world view, their individual and unique cultural search for meaning.

Using two examples of pre-historic clay art I hope to show very quickly how the work of claygods.com and the work of these two pre-historic artists might very well be working from the same invisible core, searching together at different points in evolution for the same divine origin.

The Venus of Dolní Věstonice, found in the Czech Rupublic, was imprinted into soft clay 25 thousand years ago. It is widely believed that this statuette and many others like it have a religious significance, in other words the act of creation was a form of worship, a search for the divine within the self and the group.

Vestonicka_venuse_edit (384x750)

The 7000 year old “She of Catal Hoyuk” depicts a fecund woman sitting on a throne and was found in a container of grain, or in a food stash. This imprint in soft clay looks like an existential work of art or in other words there is an inherent search for meaning in the form, and the location it was found. There is a belief that this image holds power and is an embodiment of some greater creative force.

Goddess mother goddess of Catalhoyuk c 6th millennium BCE abt 7000 years old

Claygods.com works in the spirit of these earliest of clay artists in that a common search for understanding the divine within ourselves and in the world around us is present.

Now look at one of the artworks by claygods.com, because there are similarities to the two above mentioned works of creation in that Hippo Libido is also an existential act of creation and it also seeks to portray the true nature of the “Eternal Feminine”: Hippo Libido depicts a powerful and fecund woman who derives her power from the hippo, the animal totem of the Manipura Chakra, or the power base most associated with men. She is speaking and will speak for all time in regard to the mystery of the eternal feminine and the nature of power within human hierarchies and the unimaginable hierarchies as well.


And there you have a glimpse of what claygods.com is all about.